Adventure Activities


Most People will agree that the best way to really enjoy the landscape of Yangshuo is by bike. There are many routes crossing every section of yangshuo that range from casual and relaxed to off road adventures. Whatever your fitness level there will be a great route for you.


Hiking amongst the karst peaks of Yangshuo is a great experience and gives you more freedom to explore some of the more off the trail areas which are otherwise inaccessible. Hiking with a guide is recommended as they can show you some unique places you would not be able to find on your own.

Rock Climbing

Yangshuo offers some of the best climbing in south Asia and the town boasts a huge selection of routes for all levels of climbers. There are several excellent climbing guides in the town who can show you a view of Yangshuo seen by very few.


Kayaking on the Li-River away from the bamboo rafts is a fantastic experience, being so close to the water, over shadowed by towering peaks it gives you a great sense of humility and can be one of the peaceful activities you do in Yangshuo.

Xingping Driftage

For those looking for fun the driftage at xing-ping is a great day out especially as a group. The Driftage is fantastic in the summer as the waters flowing down the mountain are ice cold. You will be pushed down a rapid with no control getting the adrenaline pumping. Make sure you take a towel and a change of clothes!