Yangshuo Sights

Yu-Long Scenic Area

The Yulong scenic area is one of the most popular areas for seeing the beauty of Yangshuo, covered in farm land, karst mountains and split by the beautiful Yulong river. Its an amazing area to explore by bike or scooter.

Dragon Bridge

The famous Dragon bridge is a great place to visit, this traditional stone bridge rises over the yulong river and is the starting point for many bamboo rafts that can take you down the river. It is surrounded by small farmers restaurants and is a great place to stop for a break on your journey around the yulong area.

Moon Hill

Moon hill has been the icon of Yangshuo for many years and is a stunning mountain to visit. You can climb the hundreds of stone steps up to the hole on the mountain where you get stunning views out across the yangshuo landscape. If is often frequented by climbers who can be seen testing their skills in the arch.

Big Banyan Tree

This beautiful tree has stood and watched hundreds of years of history pass by. The canopy of the tree provides great shade and some fantastic photo opportunities . You can also learn the local legend and story that makes the tree significant for the locals.

Longji Rice Terraces

Based outside of Yangshuo the rice terraces are a must see for travellers, The incredible landscape of terraces covering the mountains can be seen in to the distance, it provides a great opportunity for some quality hiking and has several vantage points that provide a truly unique vista you will never forget.


The Li river is the life source of Yangshuo and is an impressive river to behold, with karst mountains running along its edges it looks almost prehistoric at points, during the summer months it can also provide a great place for swimming.

Fuli Old Town

Fuli old town sits on the edge of the Li-river and still holds a great deal of character, with a great mix of traditional buildings and cobbled streets. The area is famous for the fans it produces and can be a great way to spend an afternoon soaking in the ambiance of the old town.


Xingping is set above yangshuo on the Li-river and offers some great traditional architecture and many old streets. It is the place the famous 20Y note view can be found and is a great day trip to take from Yangshuo town, There are also some great hiking opportunities available

Tea Plantation

The famous five star tea plantation has won many awards for the quality of its tea over the years and offers tours with tea picking as well as an introduction to the tea making process and the history of tea in Chinese culture. It also offers a traditional tea ceremony which is a unique feature of Chinese culture

Green Lotus Peak

Green Lotus peak sits at the centre of yangshuo on the end of west street and is held in high regard by Chinese cultural historians .

Water Cave

There are several water caves based around the Yangshuo landscape, all offering stunning cave explorations. Several also feature natural hot springs and mud baths which are believed to have great medical benefits for the skin by all who partake.

Silver Cave

The silver cave is one of the most substantial cave groups in Yangshuo and is a true joy for cave enthusiast, Guided tours through the cave offer some great information for novices and cave experts alike and the unique formations are truly beautiful.