Rest & Relaxation

Yulong Bamboo Rafting

The Yulong river offers traditional bamboo rafting, with a local boatman slowly guiding you down the river offering insights into the area. The Rafting can get very busy in peak season so to take full advantage go early in the morning when the river is at its most tranquil.

Li-River Rafting

The rafting on the Li River is by a mixture of traditional bamboo and modern PVC rafts driven by petrol engines. Though slightly more noisy than the yulong river rafting it offers a different view of the area as the karst mountains run close to the rivers edge and there are many famous formation to be seen.

Liu Sanjie Lightshow

A must see for almost everyone who passes through Yangshuo, The light show is truly a unique show, set on the river itself and featuring over 600 local performers. It tells the famous local story of Liu San jie set against the backdrop of the mountains which are used to provide an incredible backdrop.

Cooking School

Chinese cuisine is unique and very hard to replicate with out some tuition. The Yangshuo cooking school has a great reputation and over a decade of experience teaching people some of the best ways to cook local dishes. It has great local teachers and offer course form half a day to a full week, all taught in English.

Mandarin Lessons

The Chinese language is a challenge and is not something you will pickup just be listening. If you really want to understand Chinese culture learning the language and the way it works will give you an incredible insight. There are several professional teachers in town offering survival course to full on 6 month courses with daily tuition.

Traditional Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is therapeutic and much as relaxing, combining several techniques and styles. Any ailment can be fixed over several sessions and will reach the core of the problem rather than just providing a quick fix. We are able to offer an in house massage service meaning you can get and massage in your room and truly relax.

Seven Star Tea Plantation

The famous five star tea plantation has won many awards for the quality of its tea over the years and offers tours with tea picking as well as an introduction to the tea making process and the history of tea in Chinese culture. It also offers a traditional tea ceremony which is a unique feature of Chinese culture

Tai chi Lessons

One of the great traditional arts of china, tai chi is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can provide huge benefits that can last a lifetime. We are fortunate to have a great tai chi school next to our hotel offering sample courses to full time tuition. Tai chi is something worth trying as it can change your life and improve your health.

Cormorant Fishing

One of the most unique pieces of culture still in Yangshuo is the Cormorant fishermen. This traditional technique of fishing is only used in a few places in the world and is an incredible thing to witness. The cormorant fishermen offer ride along tours in the evenings.

Calligraphy Lessons

Another traditional Chinese art, which is accessible to all. Learning the ways and techniques of calligraphy can be quite enlightening and watching a master at work will give a much greater depth of appreciation for this art. Lessons are available at our hotel.