Hotel Location

"Located in the village of Shibanqiao"

Shibanqiao village is surrounded by karst mountains on all sides with a lush green valley basin covered in fruit and vegetable fields and fishing ponds.

Just a few kilometers from Yangshuo town, it sits just back from the Li-river (5 minutes walk) in a secluded valley and offers one of the best locations to stay in the Yangshuo area.

A quick 15 min walk along the riverside (lit at night) takes you in to the bustling lively town. Meaning you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and still have quick easy access to the main town for extra entertainment.

The village itself is a traditional working farmers village and you will see daily life roll on as it has for hundreds of years. Farmers get up early to tend to their crops, and then spend their days wandering the village socialising and helping each other to raise their children, as well as improving their homes and looking after livestock.

At night, depending on the time of year, you can hear the frogs singing in the fields, cicadas chirping in the trees and even see fireflies sweeping through the valley.

The village also offers a great starting location for a selection of local walks in around the valley and down to the riverside, or you can explore the old walking paths that connect the local villages in the area.


Free Shuttle Service

We know that sometimes after a long day of activities one can feel a bit tired for a walk into town so we offer a FREE shuttle service that runs to and from the town center pretty much each hour of the day between 09:30 - 21:30.

The shuttle is available for all our hotel guests.